San Carlos Rendering from Southeast

Project Overview

The San Carlos Pumping Station is located on the corner of West San Carlos Street and South Manhattan Avenue. The pumping station handles about one quarter of the City’s wastewater and is nearly 40 years old. Several of the facility’s components are near the end of their useful lives. The facility is being renovated and updated to continue reliable wastewater service for City of Tampa customers.

The San Carlos Pumping Station Project includes designing, permitting and installing upgraded systems to handle and convey wastewater. Improvements include new pumps, motors, valves and electrical components to replace aging equipment. The project includes new emergency generators for continued service during power outages. Once renovated, the San Carlos Pumping Station will provide improved efficiency, improved operations and improved wastewater service for City of Tampa customers.

As an added benefit, the pumping station’s architecture and landscaping will be updated to complement the neighborhood.

May 5, 2021 — San Jose Park will be closed for restoration through May 17. NEW DATES for Manhattan and Henderson lane closures; resident concerns for safety, odor control and road repair are addressed. Landscape plan updated to improve views. Click for more info.
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